This serves to inform you about INTEG’s main Activity-Calendar for 2016.

 1.Training courses (TC)

This presents the list of standard core training courses regarding the twenty psychometric tests INTEG developed, distributes and/or administers.  Although we schedule one TC per month, we also conduct TCs on request on other dated and venues.  Candidates are welcome to attend any one or two days of the three-day courses listed below.  A one-day course would typically cover only one or two of the main tests constituting the so-called TROIKA, namely COPAS, IP200 & PAW.  A two-day course will typically covers the entire TROIKA and a three-day course will cover all the tests in the INTEG-arsenal.  Seven CPD-points are earned for each day attending training and registration certificates are allocated for the tests in which training was received.

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 2.Conferences and Training (C&T) : Psychometric Assessment

Introductory Notes

The INTEG-conference scenario is being changed as from 2013 to embody the following guide-principles:

 1.One specific subject will be covered in consecutive Conference and Training (C&T)The subject for the next few years will be Psychometric Assessment.

2.The Conference element (the provision of information) is combined with a Training element (providing training and registration in specific psychometric tests).

3.Hence forth, each year will offer a few C&Ts presented as a continuation in a structured series on the subject of psychometric assessment.

4.CPD-points will be earned by attending these C&Ts.

5.Certification will be obtained in the specific psychometric tests training is provided in the particular C&T.

6.C&T-attendees will receive the material presented during the particular C&T as well as regular updates over time will be able to establish a representative and updated databank on the subject of psychometric assessment.

7.The C&Ts will also provide a relatively high degree of conceptual coverage the  subjects of the domains traditionally covered by psychometric assessment, for example the domains/subjects of cognition, personality, integrity, competency, etc.

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