The RAP presents itself in three versions, namely the ‘Prior’, ‘Post’ and ‘GeneralRAP. In essence all these tests are assessing the same thing – i.e. the probability for a person, who went astray, will be rehabilitated. The ‘Post’ version was especially developed for people who received a jail sentence and are qualifying for parole status. The ‘Prior’ version assesses people that were already found guilty in a court of law, but was not yet sentenced – i.e. assessing prior to sentencing. The ‘General’ version applies to ‘lesser’ serious cases, e.g. people who were found guilty during a Disciplinary Hearing in a corporate environment. The question in such a case is whether to continue the employment of such a person or to appoint such a person from outside. What is the risk the employer is taking; which is again directly related to the probability that such a person will be successfully reformed. This is the answer being provided by this test.

In addition to the nearly 60 scales the test is providing, the battery also represents a Standard Questionnaire and a Structured Interview to be completed regarding the testee and is giving a distinct 360 degree character to this assessment approach. At this stage the rehabilitation tests are only available to Correctional Services and related institutions are only presented here as example.



At present, all the above tests are producing a so-called Summarized Report as the first product of the assessment process. This Summarized Report normally consists of a one page report reflecting all the critical results of the test for the purpose of analysis, diagnosis, prediction and decision-making by the user. Eventually there will, however, be three types of reports for each test, namely an Extended Defined Report which would represent all the critical scales embodied by the Summarized Report, but on a defined basis to provide the user with more information to interpret the results. Some of the tests already produce this second level report. The third report would be a Text Report which will be based on an electronically interpreted computer program.



 RAP1 Report

RAP2 Report

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