The PAW is a very comprehensive test consisting of 250 test-items and providing the user with 89 scales to measure the entire personality field with. It consists of 5 substructures of which each consists of four Measuring Areas and the latter with a further three supportive factors – a total of 60 scales per substructure. Each one of the 5 substructures is reported on a separate page of the Summarized Report generated by the PAW. In order to minimise cost and paper, the user has the option to print only a One-Pager Summary of all the results obtained to get a full perspective as well as deciding whether or not to print out more detailed results. This One-Pager is called “THE CONDENCED SUMMARIZED REPORT”. The user also has the choice to select an “ABRIDGED SUMMARIZED REPORT” that would supply him with only the most critical defined constructs of the testee’s personality or opt for the full five page Summarized Report on the PAW. Although there is no time-restriction associated with the PAW, it can be completed in 60 minutes.


In addition to the above, the PAW boasts a Lie-Detector and Consistency Factor. The PAW is the most comprehensive personality test on the market and takes approximately an hour to one and a half hour to complete, but is providing the user with conclusive information on all angles relative to the field in personality. It can be used at all levels and to serve the full spectrum of needs a user may have in the field of Personality.



Measuring Areas-Scales

       Five Main Substructures


  1. Doing & Work Orientation                                                
  2. Self& Perception Orientation                                      
  3. Thinking & Styles Orientation                                            
  4. People & Relations Orientation                                        
  5. Emotions & Feelings Orientation                               



  Plus   The two Monitor Scales i.e.

1. Lie Detector and

2. Consistency Factor


Comprehensive measuring of personality applicable to the World of Work.

- Selection


- Development


- Organisational Development



 Reliability : Ranging from 0.81 to 0.92 (Significant)

 Validity :     Ranging from 0.53 to 0.63 (Significant)


Fairness : No significant difference found on applying the ‘Normal on five critically ‘known sensitive’ factors, namely race, language, gender, tertiary education and schooling and by statistically relating in to a selected multiple criterion of success at the 0,001 level.

 Readability & Ease of Comprehension : “A maximum of sixth grade of the Fry Readability Graph was strictly adhering to during the test development stage”. No time-limit applies for the completion of the test and a trained test-administrator is always present to assist the testee with questions to ensure full understanding of words, concepts, intention and sentences.


The seven ‘Readability Actions’ were/are applied to the PAW.




  • The standard PAW can be used at a grade 8 schooling level.
  • A score of ‘5’-sten (and below) on the Lie-Detector scale, should be regarded as a knock-out score.
  • The PAW must be interpreted by a registered psychologist.
  • To ensure ‘standardisation’ and full ‘coverage’, it is recommended that the ‘PAW : Interpretive Notes’ be used by any user applying the PAW for the first time.
  • It is important to emphasise the instruction regarding reporting information openly and truthfully in completing the test.



 PAW1 Report

 PAW2 report

PAW3 Report

PAW4 Report

PAW5 Report

PAW6 Report

PAW7 Report

PAW8 Report

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